Back to the doctor? Healing is a journey

You know that feeling of frustration you get when you head back to the doctor for the 4th or 5th time with the same health issue, often digestive (bloating, constipation,stomach pain) or reproductive (itchiness, thrush,) and he tells you the exact same thing he told you last time?


A feeling of not being understood that can make you feel so powerless…..


Because really,  what you want more than anything is for someone, to give you AN ANSWER. Someone to put a name on your symptoms, give you the magic pill that fixes it…et voila….


Only that, it doesn’t always work like that


While GP’s (General practitioners) are intelligent, well educated and knowledgeable individuals on whom we rely on to literally save our lives, they aren’t experts on everything. And we can’t expect them to be because they would have to study a lifetime to gain expertise on zillions more subjects.

Also most of the time at least here in the UK, they only have five minutes to listen, analyse, diagnose and prescribe. When you think about it, IT’S A HELL OF A LOT isn’t it? 


If you have DIAGNOSED recurrent symptoms that have been dragging for months, maybe even years (which your doctor has checked many times) it could be a sign that your body needs time, attention and care. Basically DEEP HEALING.


Deep healing requires support of an expert that can help you understand your body better, find the root of the problem and start co-creating a healing program for you.

Experts like dietitians, nutritionists, physical or mental therapists, energy healers that will work with you for weeks or months at a time, to build a relationship. They ask questions, listen to you, and empower you to start moving in the right direction.


The patriarchal society we live in now, has made us lose faith in our bodies and in our own ability to trust our gut feeling when it comes to our health.

We want quick fixes and pills to make things go away. But in reality, what we need is to slow down to listen to what our body is trying to tell us so that we can understand and fix the root of our problem.


I know, you are tired and frustrated of feeling the same way every day, every week, every month…. And this may have been going for years. I get it.


But waiting for the answer to come find you ain’t gonna work sister. Action is. 


Educate yourself, find the right expert for your symptoms and go see them. It might take a few trials but keep going, don’t give up. 


Recurrent symptoms are your body signalling you that something is not working or something has to change. 


I’ve been there myself with constipation, nausea, fatigue, fainting, recurrent thrush, acne. I went to see my GP many times, I was desperate for someone to get me out of this limbo but it didn’t happen until I did some reading, went to see a herbalist and then a nutritionist.

And why a nutritionist? Because my symptoms were a clear sign that my diet and food habits were not working for me.


Did I feel better??…. HELL YES. 


Was it instant? NOPE…..but once I started feeling better, I was motivated and eager to keep on going. 


In the past, I’ve ignored my symptoms for months, thinking “oh I’m tired it will get better”, only for it to reach a point where Candida was overgrowing in my body and two years down the line I’m still working at keeping it at bay.


I sometimes get annoyed with myself and wonder why didn’t I get my ass to an expert earlier? I would have saved so much money and time dragging this Candida around. 


Yes, I didn’t know but I didn’t really bother trying to know either.


The truth is as we grow in age, our bodies will need more care and attention. We cannot get away with our 20’s lifestyle choices anymore.


In our 30’s and beyond our lifestyle will impact our health even more. Letting a recurrent symptom happen too often is only weakening our body’s natural healing power: our immune system.


Consciously create a lifestyle that supports your needs, your dreams and the beautiful years of life you have ahead of you. 

Invest in your health because it’s the core of your life.


If you are struggling with your health and not sure what direction to take, or perhaps you know but you need accountability and support from a nutrition and wellness expert, schedule a no obligation consultation call with me.


We’ll have a chit chat over on Zoom and see If I can support you on your health journey


Book the call.

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