Aubergines on toast
I often cook my aubergines in batch over the weekend. It’s such an easy side dish to pop in here and there… with eggs in the morning, as a topping for rice or quinoa, mixed with pasta and also super delicious with roasted sweet potatoes.

But when I feel lazy or only have a few minutes to throw something together… toast it is 😉

Basically aubergine is your new favourites vegetable because you can put it everywhere 🙂

Aubergine is a great source of Calcium, potassium, vitamin C as well as magnesium. It’s a fibrous vegetable that will help your digestive health and keep you full.


1 medium sized onion

1 medium to large size aubergine

2 pieces of Garlic

Sage and Parsley leaves

Salt to taste

2 Tbsp Pomegranate seeds

Start by cutting your aubergine, garlic and onions in thin slices.

In a large pan, cook the onions and garlic until slightly soft. Make sure they don’t burn. Then add half of your herbs. Stir and let cook for  couple of minutes then add your aubergines. Stir again and let cook for 30 min at low heat. Stir every 5 min. You will need to add a little bit of water, and olive oil to make sure the aubergines aren’t drying up and sticking to the pan.

Keep stirring every 5 min, until the aubergines are completely cooked through and well blended with the onions.

Once cooked through, add the rest of your herbs ,some salt and let it cool down for a few minute before serving as a side or on a toast. Don’t forget to add the pomegranate as a finishing touch 😉 

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