Are you aware of your own BS?

Elizabeth Gilbert (the writer) once said in an interview with Marie Forleo that she didn’t know anyone that experienced transformation without being aware of their own bullshit.

And I remember thinking OUUUUCHHHH. It hit me hard because it spoke directly to me.

I was retiring from dancing and moving into the unknown. And I was full of it. 

Full of B.S and negative beliefs.

‘I’m a top pro dancer, who is on the top of her career. I cannot start again and earn peanuts

People don’t take dancers seriously, I need to hide it

I’m not the kind of person that can do the same job every day

I can’t tell anyone Im changing career, it’s embarrassing

I’m a performer, I should really be moving into presenting or acting 

I can’t stay in the same place for more than 3months

Anything else than dancing will kill my soul’

I WAS SHIT SCARED, to say the least. The thought of getting out of the entertainment industry, out of my comfort zone was more than myself and my ego could take.

So, for 3 months straight paralysed with fear, I stayed indoors and cried until my body had enough. Nausea, dizziness, candida, rashes, migraines showed up. 

We often attach ourselves so deeply to the idea of WHAT we think we are, that it makes it impossible to grow, to expand, and figure out WHO we actually are.

See eating better, exercising often isn’t the tough part.

The tough part is detaching ourselves from our preconceived ideas and beliefs.

Beliefs sometimes so deeply ingrained that we aren’t even aware that they aren’t our own.

I’m African/Northerner/Londoner, I can’t eat a freaking “fill in the blank”.

I’m a LOCOH-DONOU, work is my life

I’m not a stretch kinda person, if I don’t sweat, struggle, and break my legs in the process, then it’s not a real workout

I could never eat “fill in the blank” it’s not real food 

I’ve always been X kilos, when I weigh less or more it’s not me

Removing that “false” identity that we build often based on our education, work, culture, and what we’ve been taught to be is NECESSARY to expanding, changing, and being who we are truly longing and meant to be.

Truth to be told whether you believe in universal attraction, believe that we are all one, that we are guided by higher energy or not YOU CANNOT DENY that the global structural breakdown and change we are experiencing RIGHT NOW is reflected in our individual lives and often led by human bravery.

 It’s time to dive in deeper and let go of the B.S we’re telling ourselves.


If you feel inspired, grab your journal and pick one area of your life or health you’re currently feeling stuck in and answer the questions below:

  1. What beliefs do you have in regards to that/your health/your weight/your diet? 
  2. How do you identify yourself in regards to it? Your physical appearance/ your body shape/your diet/your health/your work?
  3. What actions do you need to take to be where you want to be? 
  4. Why aren’t you taking these actions? What’s holding you back?

3 reasons we get in our own ways are: 


  • Not getting out of our comfort zone. these things only happen to other people. That’s not who I am. I can’t do that, eat that, slow down, go faster. Me is Me. 
  • Not making the mindset shift. I get it but this not the right time to do all these things, I will look into it later on. I want to focus on my work.
  • Being scared of being judged. What will my friends and family think if I start eating differently? Exercising? Losing weight? Earning more money? Taking time for myself? Saying no? Challenging their beliefs?

Part of my work in Reconnect and Thrive is to hold the space for you to experience YOU, is to hold the mirror for you to uncover your negative beliefs, let them go, so you can move towards VIBRANT HEALTH, EXPANSION and, LOVE with EASE. 



What B.S are you feeding yourself?

Let that go, and everything else will flow.

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