Almond Raw Balls
Raw balls are so popular nowadays and I think the Hype is totally justified. 

I mean what not to like? Easy, quick, full of protein and delicious snacks that cost near nothing to make!

When it comes to raw balls, I like to keep mine as simple as possible and I prep them in batches . Once prep’d they are easy to store away in the freezer.

It’s very hard not to eat them all at once, especially if you keep them in the fridge or in a see through box. So Out of sight is best if you want them to last a while 😉


2 cups of Oats,

1 cup of Smooth Almond Butter,

Honey to taste (I use about 4tbsp)

A pinch of salt


Get a large bowl and pour in all the ingredients. Mix them together until you form a nice and chewy dough. You can adjust and add a bit more butter if needed. You want the consistency to be moist but solid enough to form the balls

Use your hand to roll your balls.

Once you get used to this basic recipe, you can start getting more creative with it and add nuts, chia seeds, or dessicated coconut. Anything can never go wrong with raw balls!

Enjoy x

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