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Do You wake up in the morning exhausted despite 7 or 8 hours of sleep?

Do you secretly wonder how some other women look so youthful and energised all the time?

Do you want to know the secret to that “je ne sais quoi” that gives you a spring in the foot?

Look no further you are in the right place

The past few years I’ve helped hundreds of Women reshape their body and  Feel energised and Youthful

See, looking young isn’t about getting surgery or using expensive caviar based face cream.. (though I hear that works too but you might end up remorgaging your house)

Looking young starts with FEELING YOUNG

When you feel young and energised, you look absolutely radiant!

And the safest and most reliable route to that is YOUR LIFESTYLE

I know for fact that you can get younger, feel more energised as times goes on, I see it every day with the women I work with and I hope you too will stick along to learn how.

 I’m Welly a Wellness and Fitness coach

I can help YOU feel Youthful, Energised and Empowered

Wake up in the morning feeling ALIVE and ready to go

Have a glowing and youthful skin

Have the energy and the strength to kick life in the butt and live it to the max

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10 Facts About Me

1- I’m a ex professional dancer. I toured the world with Take that, Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan ,Lulu…. for 12 years. I performed often on tv shows ( X factor, The voice, Dancing with the stars) and had the honour to dance for HRH The Queen of England at different occasions. Ive also appeared in music videos, and in a few movies . I worked with the other queen… Madonna on her movie “SHE”.

It’s an understatement to say that Dancing at a professional level has taught me a LOT about hard work,discipline ,resilience but also how to party like a rock star #Iworkedhardadplayedharder

2- I fell in love with Holisitic health, Wellness and Fitness after suffering depression and  burn out towards the end of my dancing career.

3-I’m OBSESSED with all things Crystal, Sage, Paulo Santo… I love keeping my environment and myself! clear of negative and unwanted energies

4- I have a cat phobia (no seriously, it’s a thing!)

5- I think I was Italian in another life. The obsession with fresh Gelato, Lobster Pasta and Venice is REAL.

6- I studied and graduated in a Masters in Business and Marketing at the beginning of my dancing career

7- Younger I trained intensively in Tennis and was hoping to become the next Serena Williams . I opted for sparkly leotards instead but I still play whenever I can. Best Cardio EVER!!!

8- My mum suffers from depression and there isn’t a day where I wish I could lift her out of it and make her feel better…. I try as much as I can not to carry her pain, but sometimes it’s just hard.

9- I was born and raised in Togo before moving to Paris at age 11 and coming to London 15years ago. … #GLOBETROTTER

10- I don’t do this because I’m passionate about Fitness or Coconut oil…. I do this because I believe to make this world a better place, we need to start with ourselves. Fitness, Looking good, Eating healthy food etc…. can sound shallow to some, but to a certain extent you need to   feel good within yourself to be able to do your work in this world. 


So start today with YOU. Make yourself the promise to feel good so you can do good.

A better world starts with a better You.

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