A Healthy Mindset around Food is important. Keep it real, Keep it simple.
The past couple of years or so “CLEAN EATING” has been getting a bad rep because in some instances it’s been taking to extreme.

And it really is a shame because it’s a movement that started to benefit our health , to educate us and bring awareness to the amount of overly processed food we consume here in the west. The idea was simply and still is to eat more food from EARTH.

But along the way common sense was a bit lost and we pushed it too far.

When it comes to mindset around food, another important point  is that no matter what you do or eat, someone will always have an opinion. But that opinion is a reflection of their insecutities, fears and has absolutely NOTHING to do with you.

Many people feel insecure around healthy eaters, around people who have decided to take their health in hands and live their best lives. So remember people comments, critics, opinions is a reflection of their own insecurities.Not your problem.

I personally do not share my opinion because it ain’t my body. Do you and let everybody do them.

But if you want to educate someone make sure you are teaching them from a place of love. Don’t judge them.  Just share what you know because you want them to feel better.

And remember unless you have a medcial condition don’t go on a diet. Eat a balanced diet of whole foods! Foods from earth.

Oh and also…please enjoy it. Food is joy, Food is love, Food is art and it’s made to be enjoyed.

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