A fresh Ginger Juice from my hometown…

A fresh Ginger Juice from my childhood

At last, a recipe from my hometown! Whoop Whoop…

I’m actually really excited to share this recipe with you, and bring a little bit of my home to your kitchen 

As you know Ginger is a must have in your pantry as it has powerful health benefits for the body. Flu, Colds, Nauseas, Indigestion, Muscle soreness and Fatigue are some of the ailments you can cure using “dote” (Ginger in Mina, my mother tongue).

Growing up in Lome, Ginger was a big part of my diet because my mum used it every single day to season her dishes. But when I started living on my own, travelling and touring, I ignored it a bit because I didn’t know how to use it and quite honestly, very rarely cooked. My life was more about take-aways, hotel foods and haribos #blamethe20s 

Nowadays being the healthy Sally that I am, I try my best to have ginger every other day, sometimes everyday if I am feeling poorly, tired and need an extra kick. I juice it, season my dishes with it, and sometimes blend it in smoothies.

I would suggest to always go for the fresh version if you can as opposed to a non organic powder one. You want to make sure  most of the benefits have not been lost in the grounding process.

One of the other things I use GINGER for is menstrual pain.  On the first day, I cut a slice and put it under my tongue for a good 15min, then make sure I sip some ginger infused hot water through the day. It doesn’t take away the pain, but it definitely helps it. I suffer from menstruation really badly so any little tip or trick helps.

Now back this juicy mama…this recipe is the one, my mum, aunts and I guess most people in Togo use. Basically you’re getting the real deal here!

This drink is also very popular in Ivory Coast, Benin, Mali and other countries in the West Africa region.

I will be serving this Ginga Mammaa Saturday 11th March at my african dance workshop, here in London! Book you tickets here

ps: If you’ve never been to West Africa, especially TOGO, you are missing out girlfriend! It’s absolutely beautiful …. the food, the people, the weather, the markets with all the traditional things…. I mean I could go on …but I let you see that for yourself

pps: I am going to Abidjan/ Ivory Coast in April and I will be sharing plenty of snaps with you on my instagram page @isawelly

I have slightly adapted the original recipe by swapping the white sugar with some coconut sugar

This is what you will need

300g of Ginger cut in small pieces

1 litre of boiled Water (add more to taste)

Fresh Pineapple Juice (1 medium pineapple)

Fresh Lime Juice (3 small limes)

3 tbsp of Coconut Sugar (optional but great if your pineapple isn’t really sweet)

Fresh mint leaves

Start by blending your ginger and 3 cups of water in your blender for 2min. You want a smooth texture.

Once blended, pour the ginger in a large Pan and add the boiled water

Stir well and let it sit for 1h

Filter the juice through a mesh to remove ginger roots and bits

Then add to it, your pineapple Juice, the lime juice, the coconut sugar and the fresh mint.

Stir again and let it sit for another 2hours ideally.

Remove the mint leaves and Put it in the fridge to refresh.

This is immense in the morning with your eggs and avocado on toast ! #droolingasimtyping

Enjoy and send me some snaps! 

I will be serving this gorgeous juice this Saturday at myAfrican Dance Workshop! Book here

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