7min Stretch for Beginners- Reduce Back Pain and Stay Away from the Physio Room

7 min Stretch for Beginners

If you follow me on social media or come to any of my classes in London, you probably know by now that I love a good daily stretch.

You get to lengthen your muscles, you gain flexibility and it totally feels like you’re making love to your muscles..!! Ok maybe that’s a bit much but I really don’t think that there is anything more relaxing than a good stretch with some calming music and maybe a  cheeky bath afterwards!  (Have I sold it to you yet ?!?)

Before sharing those easy moves that will save you many trips to the physio (and you can use that cash towards your summer wardrobe), let me quickly share a few points here

  •  Sadly with age we get a lot less flexible ,so it’s  super important while we still can, to work on keeping our muscles lengthened. Think about the amount things you used to do with your body, that you can’t do anymore? Including Touching your toes…. Can you still do all these things?… Well let me tell you, you can do most of them! But you gotta work at it!  Earlier this year, a male client of mine (that was sent i.e forced by his wife ahahah) because of recurrent back and knee pain, was amazed that he managed to touch his toes after 5 months of daily stretch and weekly classes! He now loves it and very rarely misses a class! There is no secret. Just commitment.
  • Stretching every day will dramatically slow the impact of aging on your body. 100% . I can see it in my clients every single day. Many of the ladies I teach that have kept their bodies moving consistently have much less physical ailments and recover quicker from injuries than those who’ve decided not to. And this is not a blame. It is to say that 5 to 10min of your day, to look after your body will go a LONG WAY.


  • Every single of my Pilates clients that have come through physio recommendation have stopped the physio. Most of them just needed to get flexible but also for some build core strength to reduce back pain


Remember CONSISTENCY is key. Once every now and then isn’t gonna cut it I’m afraid. To create change, you need to be willing to do what it takes. And we are talking about a 7min daily, not 1 hour.

So get that mat ready by the bed for the morning and let me know how you get on.

You will feel the difference after 3 weeks, less back pain, less stiffness when you wake up, more flexibility and more jumping around! 

ps :A quick reminder that I am available here in London, for 1-2-1 Stretch classes at your home, or any location of your choice within Zone 1-3 of Central London. Book here or email me directly by replying to this email


The Video is below ready for you tonight or early tomorrow.  Happy stretching

Welly x


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