6 Ways to reduce exposure to common heavy metals
Unfortunately, heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminium,lead, arsenic and cadmium are part of our daily lives and can be found in our environment including, water, air, food, medications and much more. While it is near impossible to escape them in our environment, reducing our exposure is definitely possible.

I’ve been struggling with Candida overgrowth for a couple of years now, and during my studies I learnt that mercury toxicity can be a cause of candida overgrowth. I also learnt that heavy metals could negatively impact our immune system, digestive system, liver health, skin health and much more. While heavy metals poisoning is rare, chronic low grade exposure is believed to be a contributing factor to chronic diseases.

This prompted me to get tested to check my metals levels and see if that could be the cause of my recurrent overgrowth. I was surprised by the results as I had no idea apart from mercury, how easy it was to get contaminated. I have old mercury fillings so I knew it would be on the higher end, but it actually wasn’t that bad. What I had the most of Cadmium and Aluminium. The only reason I could explain that was possibly water? Cigarettes? But I haven’t smoked for over five years  and wasn’t a big smoker. Aluminium? Water as well? Beauty products? Or possibly pans, pots, can drinks? It is really hard to pinpoint. I had no idea because heavy metals can literally be found in so many places. So following the advice of my nutritionist I did a clear out and made sure I could control my exposure a little more. 

Here are 6 things I did, that could also help you reduce exposure.

Water. Our water is exposed to hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis. While this is not something we can easily control at the source, we can definitely control the water we choose to drink. Filtering your water is a great way to make sure  you are drinking as clean as possible water. Filters are the best, they cost you less in the long run. If you own your home and have a bigger budget, you can consider having a water filtration system. Metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium and arsenic are commonly found in water.

Cosmetics. On my previous retreat, I talked about the negative effects of cosmetics on our health. Many cosmetic brands use aluminium and other chemicals in their products.  Use natural cosmetics whenever you can.

Download this free pdf to learn about cosmetic’ ingredients that are causing you harm

Pans and Pots. Aluminium, copper and other metals can be found in certain pots. Use metal free pots.

Fish. Salmon and big fish such as tuna are the main culprit when it comes to fish being poisoned with Mercury. Small fish such as sardines are a safer choice if it is something you consume regularly.
Paints. while this isn’t legal anymore to have paint with heavy metals, when moving into a new flat, make sure to be using non toxic paints.If you live in an old home built before the 80’s , get a professional to check for lead in your paint

Dental care. Mercury in dental care has been a hot topic for years. While some European countries are already phasing out of mercury fillings sadly in the UK they are still being used. Other options are available so make sure to ask before getting fillings. If you wanted to remove your old mercury fillings, make sure to do so with a dentist certified in metal removal. 

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