6 reasons why you aren’t reaching your health goals quicker

You have set yourself some health goals a while back but for some reason you are stuck. Things aren’t really moving and you are not sure why. You really do wanna feel more energised, happier, get rid of your hormonal symptoms, improve your digestion so you aren’t constantly bloated, constipated or running to the loo. You want a strong and powerful body, you want to elevate your mood and feel happier, perhaps even prepare your body for conception. Whatever your health goals are, they are important to you but you aren’t taking consistent actions towards them. Why is that?

1. You don’t have a clear plan.

I am sure you have heard this before but breaking your goals down into achievable steps in the key to reaching them. Feeling more energised or stronger, gaining healthy body weight, improving your diet are all great goals but they are vague and intimidating.

How can you break them down? What can you do everyday consistently to reach them?

Get a pen and paper plus a massive dose of honesty and reality and draw a plan.

2. You don’t have a why? Why does that goal matter to you?

Why do you want to feel energised? How are the feelings of sluggishness, fatigue affecting you? Are they impacting your productivity and hindering your career plans? Are they making you feel guilty because you are too tired to play with your kids?

Why do you want to eat better? Is that because running to the loo in the middle of dinner with your beloved one has become unbearable? Are your symptoms affecting your lifestyle and your life?

Find your WHY. The WHY is often the painful side we don’t really want to admit to ourselves. The WHY is what will make you commit to your goals

3. You are constantly changing routine…

possibly because you don’t have a plan.

You are trying new diets, new programs, new trends and not giving your body and mind enough time to adapt to one thing.  

Consistency and commitment are key for results in anything we start. If you are trying something new, stick to it for at least 6 weeks before assessing if change is needed.

4. Your boundaries are blurred

possibly because you don’t have a why.

Perhaps your kids, your partner, your family, your work colleagues are dictating your choices. Do you eat the cakes your friends are bringing to work because they are there or you “feel” pressured to eat them? Does your partner dislike veggies therefore you too have little of it? Does your family judge your food choices? Eat more, you are too thin? Eat less, you are fattening up? In some cultures, this is a BIG ONE.

Having a strong why will help you set clear boundaries and navigate these situations smoothly without drama 😉

5. Stopping and starting because there is “ALWAYS” something:

a holiday, a wedding, you have “too much” on. So many things can get in the way of new habits. But when do these things become excuses? How can you build tools to work around these? Because they are part life and they will always come in the way of whatever you have going on. Have a realistic plan that helps you navigate through life. And yes sometimes, your plan will go out of the door for a little while, because really important things arise and that’s OK.

6. You are going solo,

and don’t have the right support or no support at all. 

While we can get so much information online and pretty much learn anything we set our hearts too, sometimes having an expert to support us in our goals is what makes the difference with “SEEING PROGRESS, HAPPY AND RELIEVED” and meh ”STILL DRAGGING THIS AND FEELING WORRIED ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN YEARS AFTER” . Experts have knowledge and years of experience to share with you. You can also get group support from friends working on the same goals for accountability.

Which one of these resonate the most with you? What is one small and realistic action you can commit to today to get closer to your health goals? Let me know below

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