5 tips to stay grounded during uncertain times

To say this year was destabilizing would be an understatement. No matter how grounded, rooted in your being you are you would have felt the change, and the collective energy shifting and fighting.

Perhaps you felt it and it didn’t affect you so much and maybe it did.

If it did, and you have been struggling to ground yourself, to tune back in to find strength, here are five habits that have helped me and that may support you too.

1. Build sustainable habits to support you through good and challenging times.

In a time where structure around us is falling apart and things are constantly changing, the one thing to focus on is what we have the power to change. When the ground beneath you is wobbly and shattering, build yourself a structure of habits that will sustain you and help you cultivate that inner calm. Build daily, weekly habits that become non-negotiable that will bring you into the present moment. It’s a powerful reminder that you can choose how you want to feel.

2. Spend the first hour of the day for yourself.

Before you let the world take a little piece of you, have time for yourself. Connect with yourself, nourish your mind, take that time to check-in and assess your needs. This moment doesn’t have to be spiritual, nor does it have to be “the classic” morning routine of yoga and meditation. It can simply be a morning walk, having your cup of tea in silence, and so on. It really is about what gives you the headspace to just BE.

3. Eat foods that make you feel alive.

We have spent a lot of time at home and perhaps turned ourselves towards foods and drinks for comfort and that is ok. These are challenging times and we all have our coping mechanisms. Do what works for you. Eating food that makes you feel alive will only uplift your soul, your heart, your body as well as nourish your mind. Focus on the foods that give you energy, literally make you feel alive, make your do a happy dance, and give your skin that JE NE SAIS QUOI. Those are the foods you want to eat. 

4. Empty your mind as often as possible: Journal, brain dump.

Putting things out of your mind onto paper will give you that perspective you cannot have when you keep it all in. You will also feel lighter and possibly relieved. There are no good or bad times for emptying your mind. Whenever you feel like it, just grab a pen and a paper and pour it all out. Fears, worries, and anything that may be troubling you.

5. Connect with yourself.

Meditation, slow stretching, breathwork, quiet time. How do you like connecting with yourself? Mine is definitely breathwork and meditation. When I feel overwhelmed by work or the outside world I zone out of all digital devices, social media for a few days and really nurture myself to grounding and calm.

What about you? How do you connect with yourself?? Share below x

Written by Welly


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