5 steps to reclaim your power and heal your body

Reclaim your power, heal your body

Last month, in this post I shared with you my health journey and the lessons I learnt along the way.

From learning that quick fixes don’t work, to letting go of the ego and asking for help, in that article I share nine important lessons that have shaped my health journey. Those lessons have helped me take better care of myself and more importantly take responsibility for my health.

One of the key moments in my health journey was when I decided to stop taking antibiotics for a problem that was recurrent. My doctor didn’t really understand that it was making things worse and I had no idea either.


From that moment on, I understood I had to take back the power and stop solely relying on doctors and medications to feel better.

You may be thinking, aren’t doctors meant to know it all and save us from everything including ourselves?

Nope. Sometimes we need to get our own s£$t together especially when conventional drugs are not working for a particular symptom.

While I didn’t understand that straight away, I eventually realised that if I wanted to get better, I needed to first understand what was happening in my body, take a step back, listen to it and educate myself. 

Are you stuck in your journey, with recurrent digestive, reproductive or general physical symptoms??

Are you frustrated and about to give up?? 

But deep down want to heal ?

Then here are 5 steps to get things moving because as I mentioned in this post staying inactive and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to move the needle forward.

1.Push for some testing to rule out anything life threatening.

Getting tested in the UK can be very hard but if you insist and explain how much your symptoms are affecting you (even if they don’t show i,e brain fog, exhaustion, body pain, indigestion, abdominal pain) you will get those tests.

2. Learn to listen and trust your body.

This requires you to slow down so you can pay attention to what your body is saying. And do listen to it, if your intuition is telling you that a certain food is causing your symptoms, give it a break for a few days to see how you feel. If you know that late scrolling, certain websites, certain friendships are causing you stress, and lowering your vibrations step away. Don’t second guess yourself. Stay attentive to your body and go with it.

3. Journal your symptoms

Are there any patterns in what you are experiencing? Record your symptoms, how do you feel, what have you eaten that day and the day before? This could give you a great insight. This will be helpful when you go see doctors and specialists.

4. Invest in an expert (specialist) to support you in your journey and hold you accountable.

These can be therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, acupuncturists. Listen we gotta be honest here, though a lot of humans can make life changing moves on their own, most of us need support, accountability and guidance. And this is even more important when it comes to exercising and nutrition. And trust me as a Registered nutritionist, Certified wellness coach, Pilates teacher I still use coaches when I need accountability and expertise in things I don’t know much about. I’ve had in my life coaches, mentors, teachers hold the space for me and help me achieve my goals, help me heal my body.  I got there faster and safer.

5. Be patient-healing takes time.

It really does. Think about it, how long did it take your body, your mind to be where it is today? Your symptoms did not occur overnight. You may have noticed them overnight or they may have become outward physical overtime , but the truth is that our bodies don’t function that way. For your body to be showing signs of stress, inflammation , fatigue through physical symptoms it would have been happening for a while. It’s the results of weeks, months, sometimes years of actions, inactions, environment, stress, poor nutrition,fatigue etc… So give your body the time to come back to its power.

And reach out for help, ask questions.

If you are feeling stuck or lost in your health journey right now, struggling with recurrent symptoms that you suspect may have something to do with your gut health or perhaps your hormones, drop me an email with your symptoms and journey so far


Your health and wellbeing are the core of your life, Invest in them.

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