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I hope you had a fantastic summer filled with fun social events, perhaps a break from the city, a holiday with your loved ones…or a festival? Either way I hope you managed to carve out some time for some sun and fun. September is the return to school for kids and myself and it brings that sense of wanting to get things back on track. So here are five steps to help you create or improve a routine that will sustain you for the next few months.

What makes a routine strong is really how realistic it is to you and your lifestyle. It is something you must look forward to and be excited about. If you are dreading your routine, then perhaps you need to loosen it up and put things you actually enjoy doing? Make it as YOU as you can. There are no rights or wrongs. As long as you enjoy it 🙂

Start the day right – Reassess your morning schedule and make time for yourself. A structured morning is key to a strong, calm and focused day. How would you like an ideal morning to look like? Grab a pen and paper, map it out and see how you can realistically make it work. 

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Plan your meals accordingly. Whether you like food prepping or not so much, having an idea of what you want to eat in the day and in the week allow you to plan your food shop in advance and be efficient with your time. Nutrition is a strong pillar of our wellness and giving it some time and attention will only benefit your health and productivity

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Incorporate movement into your routine. Adding some extra movement into your day will not only have benefits to your health and wellbeing but it will boost your mood, making sticking to your new routine much easier. If you can make the most of the last of the warmer weather and spend some time outside – even better!

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Add your thing. Take some time to do something you have been meaning to do, whether that’s calling a friend, checking in with how your day went, or simply having a quiet mindful time. This will help make your routine even more personal and enjoyable

End each day and week intentionally. Having an evening ritual will help you wind down and switch off totally after a day of work. Build yourself a cozy and relaxing ritual that will remind your body that it’s time to start disconnecting. Idem for Sundays, having a little Sunday ritual personally really helps me look forward to the week ahead. Essentially what I do is plan the week coming, with work but also exciting things. The other thing I love finishing my week with is a beautiful, indulging Sunday evening meal 😉

I know getting back into a routine is not always easy, if you need any support or have any questions you can reach out to me by sending me a message! Also, let me know what works for you? Do you have more tips to share? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

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