5 simple ways to elevate your vibrations

Energy is not just physical, it’s also mental and spiritual.

Here are 5 things that I do to elevate my vibrations and care for both mental and spiritual energy.

1. Shake it up

I am biased because Dance is my first love and will always be. But having also taught it for years, I know how much power it has to uplift your spirit within minutes.

So don’t be shy, get up, call your friends, put the video on, and let loose!

Dance with me

Dance with Ryan (Grammy award-nominated choreographer) – who has been doing free “dance classes for everybody” throughout the lockdown.

2. Let the sound transport you

 The thing is music can take you wherever you wish. Whether you want to travel back to your younger years and play old school tracks, or play music that really transcends your soul and make you feel so much yet forget everything the choice is endless

Some of my current favorites 

Chloe & Halle – Tiny Desk Live – (I want them to be my little sisters and sing to me every morning LOL)

Jazmine Sullivan – Heaux Tales – Her voice is UNREAL, her lyrics REAL and RAW. 

My 90’s playlist we use during Saturdays pilates classes – To dance alone and feel good

And of course my all-time favorite. I can never listen to this and stay low, it instantly lifts me up.

Here it is.

3. Pray out Loud

I’m bringing my woo side on the table now ;-). But really, jokes aside when you do your morning affirmations, if it is your thing, make sure to do them out loud. The louder the better

One hand on your heart, the other on your belly affirm “ I am well, I am present, I am joyful”

When I do affirmations, I like feeling goosebumps. If I don’t feel them, I feel like it ain’t working. Hands on heart and belly and really feeling what you’re saying in your whole body makes a huge difference.

4. Breathe out Loud

Oh Breathwork, when you hold us. The first time I discovered breathwork was through my friend Bree Melanson. I was blown away. I felt so high. It felt so good and lasted for so long.

Breathwork is something you can do on your own. There are also lots of classes online including youtube. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do.

Check out Bree Melanson’s group sessions.

5. Get lost in the beauty 

I’m a subscriber to Culture Whisperer an online magazine and through lockdown, they have been great at curating the best places online to enjoy arts.

Being an ex-professional dancer, obviously means that I binged on old and new ballets and dance shows. But also beautiful museums and galleries.

Art has that power to make us travel through feeling, time, and places so make sure to check out what’s available online.

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