The Deep Squatting will keep your Body Young and strong! Here are 5 reasons why

Ladies It’s all about the Deep Squatting!

When trying to get out of bed in the morning, do you sometimes feel  much older than you actually are? I definitely do sometimes!

Lower back pain…. Can’t touch your toes…

What about trying to run after your kids or seating all day at the desk…? Painful…right?!

If you experience any of these, you might want to join me and start doing the deep squatting regularly.

Hold onto a wall or a chair if you struggle to get into this position

The fact is our bodies aren’t made to seat the conventional way we all know. The deep squatting position is the most primitive one for us humans. Our ancestors used to seat this way to cook, eat (they still do in some part of Asia) and for women give birth. As a fact that’s the exact position we’re in, while cooking in our mama’s bellies!

But somewhere along the years the deep squatting was lost for I’m guessing a more “appropriate” and conventional way to seat.

It’s a little unfortunate because instead of keeping our body weight on our ourselves we put it on a chair. Eventually, it makes us struggle  with balance, It weakens our core, and increases joints pain and stiffness.

Now, Im not suggesting you should go to the office tomorrow and drop in full a squat (though that would be HILARIOUS!!!)

But I highly recommend you add the deep squat to your daily routine. Start with 30seconds a day and increase to 3min a day.

Here are 5 great reasons why this is exactly what you need to do slow down the ageing process.

  • It Strengthens your joints

  • It Improves your flexibility

By building strong and healthy joints, you are improving your overall flexibility. This position can be painful if you are tight in the Achilles tendons but it does get better with practice.

Also if you run or/and wear heels really often, you’re very likely to have tight achilles tendons. So seat in a deep squatting for a couple of minutes at the end of your day

  • It Stretches your lower back

I suffer from regular lower back pain, and this since my dancing days. I find this very relaxing and stretching for my lower back.

  •  It Builds your gluts muscles 

Key muscles to keep your balance when standing up and key muscles because…. well…. who doesn’t want a nicely shaped derriere?!?!

  • It promotes a healthy bowel movement

    Best position to seat in if your bowel movement need a little help!

We often do the Deep Squatting  at the end of my Pilates or Dance classes and I find it so grounding and calming.

It’s a great way to finish your workout and have a little moment to calm your heart rate down and say a little prayer to the universe…

Now if you are not the most flexible, you won’t find this calming at all at the beginning but seat through it and you will feel the difference within days!!

“Thanks for this crazy teacher  who thinks Im a buddha and is making me seat in this painful position!!!”

This is what I read on most faces when I did this first in class! ahaha

They now love it!

Happy Squatting my beauties


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