5 foods to boost your productivity
We know that certain types of foods and generally heavy meals slow our digestive system down and therefore make us feel sluggish, unable to focus and perform at our optimal levels.

But what about foods that help our productivity? Most natural foods are likely to nourish and energise your body but some of them have nutrients that specifically improve your overall performance.

Here are five of them that I make sure incorporate in my diet especially during exam revisions.

Salmon Like many fatty fish, salmon high Omega 3 content positively impact memory and brain performance.

Broccoli. Choline, precursor of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in the central nervous system is a nutrient abundantly found in broccoli. For this reason Choline has a direct effect on our cognitive performance.

Eggs Another food that contains a fair amount of Choline

Almonds and Nuts. They are small but packed with nutrients that will keep you alert. My favourite snack along with dark chocolate during exams. Easy to snack on, you can also add them in your morning granola, porridge or lunch salads. If you get bored of eating plain almonds, try my lovely almond crackers.

Beets. A study demonstrated that a high nitrate diet could possibly enhance physical and cognitive health in older adults. Beets are rich in nitrate. Not sure how to incorporate them in your diet? Try this easy smoothie.

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