5 Easy steps to a healthier and happier YOU
The 5 first steps to a healthier and happier YOU!

You decide to start your wellness journey.

This is it, you want to take best care of yourself, feel better in your skin, get plenty of energy and glow inside out.

So you head online for inspiration and guidance but get overwhelemed by everything you see.

Lots of healthy people, with perfect looking recipes with fancy ingrediets you wouldnt know where to get!

Well listen sister, you don’t need all the fuss to get started on your health journey. You need a clear and precise plan.

And I’ve got it right here for you.

10 years ago almost day to day I too started my health journey post a very embarassing episode while on tour with Miss Kylie Minogue.

I basically couldn’t perform one evening because I was heavily clogged up and was insuch pain! My food habits were absolutely terrible! Despite being a professional dancer working gruelling hours , I took zero care of myself, and soon my body wouldn’t allow me to do what I loved most.

It was a wake up call, to start educating myself and learning to take better care of myself.

It has been 10 years since and I’ve learnt tons along the way. I made mistakes, tried differents exercise and food fads, gave up, started again…. it wasn’t a straight line.

But eventually things fell into a place when I started following these 5 steps I’m about to share with you.
Everytime I went off route I came back to these 5 easy steps.

  • Step one is Declutter your pantry of overly processed food such as crisps, sugary snacks, cereals. Most food that are man made , not coming from earth and have too many ingredients on the package are very likely to be harmeful to you in the long run.
    • Step two is to replace all the processed foods by fresh food. At this stage don’t worry about getting expensive supplements, powders etc… Focus on getting simple foods you enjoy and can incorporate in your daily meals. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Sweet and Normal Potatoes, Brown Rice, Oats, Legumes, Fresh meat and fish and so on
    • Step 3 Try to cook most of your meals. You will have better control on what ingredients are going into your food and will stay away from all the nasties added in store bought meals to prolonge their shelves life. If you aren’t feeling so confident in the kitchen, start with easy recipes (Check my free e-book for tips, recipes and book recommendations)
    • Step 4 Stop added Sugar . And so many of us do this, the added spoon of sugar in the tea or coffee .It seems small but after 3or 4 cups of tea in the day ,everyday, it really adds up. The first step would be to use natural sweetener or nothing at all whenever possible. In the yogurts and porridge opt for fruits as sweetener if you can
    • Step 5. Move your body. A bit of exercise 3 to 4 times a week will go a long way. Exercise is great to stay fit and active but most importantly it’s vital for mental wellness. It doesn’t have to be in a gym. The best way to get into exercise and fall in love with it is Find something you love, that fills you with joy and energy. Despite being a trainer myself, and having access to many studios and gyms, I use youtube every morning. It’s easy, it’s free and is right there!

    In this free Ebook, you have a more detailed lists of food to have or to stay away from, recipe ideas, easy cooking books to get you started and much more ressources to help you started

    Don’t wait any longer sister, the time is NOW and you are here for a reason.

    Download your free ebook right away and start you Wellness journey.


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