5 Daily practices to reduce anxiety

I often talk about anxiety here on my blog and with my clients because I am yet to come across anyone that hasn’t experienced it  or have someone close to them experiencing it.

Of course there are different levels of anxiety and not all can be managed with the tips below, because some may need some deep rooted work to find out the cause of it. But if I am totally honest with you, most clients I work with in nutrition clinic or in wellness coaching see huge improvements when implementing the following

1. Monitor exposure to social media

Social media is a great place to connect, discover new people, enrich your network but it can also be a place of self destruction especially when we fall into the comparison trap.Come off it, if you are feeling a little low at the moment. I promise it will help you tons.

2. Time for yourself to slow down

Find a moment of mindfulness in your day. Building a moment for you to be quiet is for as important as your diet or how often you move. Create a morning, evening or midday routine that allows you to sit still with yourself. 

3. Connecting with friends and family

Opt for human over digital connection. No app can ever beat the feeling of a hug by a dear one.

4. Get active

Especially if your job involves being seated at a desk for hours at a time. Make sure you move your body everyday. It can be just a walk, a run, a stretch or a fitness class.

5. Get out, get some fresh air regularly

Being constantly indoors can aggravate anxiety symptoms where you may feel trapped and not being able to escape from your thoughts. Make it a routine to be outdoors at least 30 min a day.

Last but definitely not least, reach out , don’t be ashamed of not feeling well. Not feeling OK is OK. Reach out to your friends, your family or a therapist. Read this article for more guidance on the right professional to reach out to.

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