3 things to pick your mood right back up
Winter  is often the time of the year, where we need more comfort both physical and emotional.

Living in big fast cities like London can make it hard to achieve so here are 3 things I do at the beginning of the year when my mood is dipping and I need to pick it up

  • Create a mood board

 Creating a mood board is a great  way, to let your mind wander, dream and create. It doesn’t have to be your moodboard for the year, it can be a simple vision board on fashion, travel, food, anything you’re passionate about. I find creating mood boards on Pinterest very therapeutic. I also love doing the old school one of cutting through magazines and  sticking them on a board 🙂

  • Plan your next holidays

Don’t worry about days off, or money just yet. Get your laptop, head to google and type the ideal location you would like to go to this year. Allow yourself, to dream a little, go ahead search for activities you can do while there, where would you want to stay? Make it real and get excited about it :-))))

Once it’s all mapped out, pick up your diary and put it in there on ideal dates. Now it’s there out in your diary, out in the universe, budget and start saving for it. Give a heads up to your boss or HR person that you would love those days off later on. The earlier they know the more chances you have to have them approved.

  • Real Human connections

Forget about whats app, twitter, facebook, instagram and co. Get on the train, go see your friends, spend the day with someone you haven’t seen in a while. We all have friends we love and adore but that we see very rarely. Now is the perfect time to reach out to organise a face to face gathering

And remember time is not still, nor are things…. before you know, your mood will be up, days warmer and brighter. For now enjoy nurturing yourself and slowing things down

Written by Welly


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