3 reasons food prepping will upgrade your life
I know food prep often sounds like a chore but I promise that once you get the hang of it, and make a habit out of it, you will really see the difference in your wallet, your time and definitely your diet. I really believe that if we haven’t prepared your meals , we are more likely to end up making poor food choices. I know I definitely so

So here are 3 reasons why food prep is the way forward.

Spare time

Batch cooking may take time but it gives it back too.

Time is the biggest most expensive currency right now. Everybody is crazy busy and time has become luxury.

Doing a big batch cooking session one day takes on average 2 to 3h max depending on what you’re cooking.

While 3h can be long at a time, it will give you more time in the week especially at evenings for other things like catching up with friends or reading that book you’ve been meaning to start.

Eating a balanced diet 

Food prepping allows you to fill your diet with nutritious food.

You get to control what goes into your body, staying away from additives and preservatives often found in store bought prepped meals.

When it comes to additives, preservatives and hidden sugar, they impact our energy levels on a daily basis and our health overall. Cook you own meals, upgrade your health.

Save tons of money

With your fridge and cupboards stocked with prepped meals and snacks ( hello delicious salted caramel raw balls ), it will be much easier to avoid expensive impulse purchases. Eating healthy out can be expensive, but making a healthy meal, smoothie or raw ball at home won’t break your bank.

When I started food prepping consistently, I saved 42£ a week and that’s without the extra coffees and teas… That amount can go into a gorgeous meal out over the weekend 🙂

Save your money, upgrade your bank account

Which of these three tips resonates the most with you? Let me know below x

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