3 exercises to Pick up your mood and get you energised

A 4 minutes pick me up workout

Get your smile back on, and feel energised

Change of season (especially fall to spring) is always a little tough on us.

The Body is tired and needs more rest, the mood is getting a bit meh(hello where’s the sun?!?) and we clearly have to say goodbye to alfresco dinner parties!

Now, besides eating well, keeping hydrated and taking the right supplements (that’s already a lot if you’re doing all this !!)  what else can we do?

Keep our spirit high? For sure!

A few days ago I was sharing on my instagram a picture of me on holidays earlier in August!  My advice to my insta-friends was “if you are feeling a little down, start with revisiting your summer snaps and bring those memories back”.

It will make you smile and your mood will start shifting in the right direction.  Even better start planning your next trip!

I took it a step further and booked a trip to Florence in November. Just a 4 days break ,to disconnect, get out of London and energise myself.

(Easy jet had great deals and I thought why not?!)

But all that to say if you have moments in the day where you’re literally falling asleep, or just feeling a bit down and need a fix me up right there and then : do this 4min mind booster and fatigue killer workout! It’s Fun, it’s quick and it gets the job done!

I promise you won’t regret it!

Let me know how you get on  by leaving a comment below xx

Have  a great month of October and share this with a friend that could do with a boost!


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