I needed a break. Mental health

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any wellness content on the blog.The reason being is the past month has been exceptionally overwhelming so I took time off the digital world as I didn’t feel like posting any of my usual content during these challenging times for our black community. I also needed mental space to deal with my own feelings. As much as social media can be a powerful way of raising global consciousness , it can also be an intimidating, brutal and damn triggering tool.

Taking those conversations face to face with my friends and other black women, where we shared how we feel was a great way to create a SAFE healing space.

Talking about healing, safe space and being open with our mental health @blackmindsmatter.uk is doing an incredible job with raising funds to support us black people in need of therapy.

I am hosting an IG live with them in July on how wellness and nutrition can help support a healthy mind. So keep an eye out 😉

If you can please share and support them in any way possible.

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