A 10min Full Body Workout with the Foam Roller

Foam Roller Workout

Your way to a strong and flexible body

Ah The Foam Roller!

Don’t we love to hate the roller…still knowing that it is so so good for us? My sunday classes always complain about it but yet, still ask for it when I dare to forget!

Whether you practice Pilates or not, The foam Roller is an essential prop to have at home! It’s one of the best things you can use to gently release tension from your body and show your muscles some love!

We all get knots in our bodies from our daily activities. Those are mainly due to stress,carrying children, long hours sitting at the desk, intense workouts, physically demanding jobs and many other factors.

I usually use mine, during my morning stretch if I have overdone it at the gym, or just feeling tight in the hips, lower back or other part of my body. There is no specific time to use it, you can use it whenever you feel like it.

The roller is also an incredible prop to use in Pilates to help you with your posture. It’s a great tool to access your spine alignement and to challenge your stability. Like other props in Pilates, you can use it to make the traditional exercises a lot more challenging.

This video is a full body workout of 10min, to help you build core strength, gain flexibility and get acquainted to the roller. Hence why, this is a great workout for those who have never or barely used the Foam Roller as a  Pilates Prop.

I hope you will enjoy this my beauties! Share this video with any of your friends or family that you know will enjoy it! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated in the section below.



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