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Wellness Coaching

  • Are you Stressed, Overwhelmed, with little to no energy…?
  • Easily irritated and often on the edge…?

  • You are struggling to keep up with life demanding chores…balancing family life, work life and forgetting about YOU

  • Your gym leggings needs to be dusted off…

  • You may have even seen a nutritionist and have a long and scary list of things to start eating but haven’t started….YET

  • You want to start fresh again with your nutrition and exercise regime but struggling to actually take actions to do so

  • You’d love to commit, and get some results but on your own, it gets tough and things get pushed back

What you really need is guidance, action and accountability!

In other words, a friend that will push you and help you get things done on a daily basis!

And there is no shame to that.

I’ve been there myself and I know for fact that with no accountability NOTHING GETS DONE.

7 years ago, I reached out for help to change my lifestyle and get back control of my body. Though I didn’t look physically unhealthy, I really was. I had big digestive problems, severe adult acne, and suffered with anxiety and depression. Having a naturopath and a coach helped me steer the wheel and get back control of my health

Now remember that we all come with different needs, issues and things to deal with.

No programme is the same.

I design it with you for you.

Your program can be anything from 4sessions to 12 or more. This really depends on how often you want your sessions and what issues awe are trying to tackle.

Nutrition, Stress, Anxiety, Exercise Regime, Posture….

Here is how a typical coaching programme with me works:

Step 1

Session 1- Week 1 (1h30)

This is very much an assessment and get to know each other session.

We chat and exchange, we talk about how things are, what do you want, where do you want to be, how d you feel. What is really holding you back?  and Why? Your goals….and anything else you would want to share.

This session can lasts up to 2 hours if you have a lot to say ( which I always encourage). The better I get to know you , the best I can serve you

Step 2

Session 2-Week 2 (1h)

Moving on from step 1 We put things in place, a plan, how we will get there, what do we have to work with and what do we have to work against…

Step 3

We are moving into action- 6 sessions between Week 3-10

This is where we really get down and take action. (Designing your workouts, food menus,cleaning your pantry, teaching you easy and nutritious recipes, working on personal issues and making sure you have fun!)

The next 6 sessions are focused on the goals we decide to work on. We might be focusing more on your diet, more on your exercise plan or more on your mental wellness…This will really depend on your goals and in the area you struggle to make improvement on your own.

The 6 sessions are spread over 8 weeks so you can have some free time in between some sessions, to digest and implement it all.

If you choose the VIP option, I get more involved in all the aspects we talk about.

You get a meal prep session at yours. How to prep your weekly food efficiently. This will save you tons of time and money! All my secrets to buy, store healthily for you and family.

I teach you an incredible workout that we design together. This will be part of your exercise program and you get to do it regularly.Tailored Private session!

Please Note that the VIP option is only available for clients I can physically see so London based only

I will recommend you to the right specialists if I believe you need more than Wellness coaching- (naturopath/acupuncture/ostheopath)

Step 4

Follow up

After the last session, I don’t disappear out of your life…unless you want me too

You have 24/7 Email access to me for 30days following the program– with tips/ bonuses etc…

I will be sharing with you exclusively some recipes, you will get reduces rates and access to my classes and workshops if you are London Based

I work closely with some of the best nutritionists in London- and have access to some great specialists in acupuncture, Ostheopathy, Reiki and other. I will share my little black book with you and introduce you to specialist who REALLY know their crafts and get results.

  • 1 Off sessions are also available to work on a particular wellness issue including diet, lifestyle, workout, stress, anxiety etc…

  • 1 off sessions last 1h30 and costs 90£

  • 1 off sessions can happen via Skype.

Because of the nature of my work and my personal involvement, I am not able to work with all clients.

For new clients as well as recommendations, I do a 15min free phone session to see if we fit each other and if I can help you with your Wellness.

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