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Wellness Coaching

I want to help you build the yummiest, healthiest, down-to-earth habits & routines that work for YOU and your lifestyle.

It’s going to feel so damn good that you’ll actually wanna stick to them.

Having a kickass routine can be easy, fun and life-changing… you just need the right support!

If trying to find what the “right” diet, exercise regimen or lifestyle is making you go WTF, you’re not alone.

It’s a crazy overwhelming world out there and I want to help you navigate through it with easy & practical steps that will make you feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever.

Whether you struggle with getting started on your health journey… or more specific issues such as anxiety, stress, skin problems, digestive issues, headaches or fatigue… I can support you have a plan that will help your body heal.

I’ll share with you all of my knowledge, tips, health hacks, and years of experience (both personal and with clients) to upgrade your health to a whole new level!

I can help you:

  • Create an eating and workout routine tailor-made to you
  • Set powerful wellness goals and create an simple plan to achieve them
  • Explore and discover which foods are best for you and which ones to avoid
  • Learn the art of eating well: portion control, balance, making better choices
  • Pantry makeover: clean your pantry, learn the 101 on how to shop, affordable eating
  • Creating a better relationship with food
  • Improve your digestion and get your skin glowing
  • Feel energised, deeply nourished, and restored
  • Lose those extra pounds (bye bye stubborn belly fat!) and tone that sexy body
  • Build your confidence, because you ARE AMAZING and the world needs YOU (or your talent and your beauty)

How it works:

  • Sessions are via Skype (option to do face to face if you’re based in London)
  • Every session is unique to you and your needs
  • We’ll book a 15 min FREE consultation to discuss your goals and if we’re right to work together
  • We’ll work together over a period of time (4 sessions minimum). Why? Because change takes time and discipline especially if you want to achieve long-lasting and life-changing changes!

I work with people that are READY for BIG changes, people that are committed to their health and wellbeing.

I promise I’ll give you my 150% but ultimately it’s on YOU to show up and take action. And just by doing this, I promise the results will be INCREDIBLE.

I don’t want to sugar coat it (cos sugar ain’t that good for you anyway!)… there’s no shortcuts to real vibrant inside-out radiant wellbeing, it’s a process not an overnight miracle.

But you don’t have to do it on your own, I’ll be there cheering you on and guiding you every step of the way.

This is the journey of a lifetime. And I want to make it light, doable and exciting for you!

Client’s love

“Working with Isa-Welly was a wonderful experience, she is attentive and thorough in making sure you know every ingredient of foods you consume, her philosophy is to eat as natural foods as possible.
She helped me get rid of a lot of foods that I thought were ‘healthy’, but were actually causing me a lot of indigestion and discomfort.
We had weekly calls to go through how I felt having eaten what we had agreed the previous week. This kind of one-on-one interaction is very heartwarming.
I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs wellness and nutritional advice.”


“Working with Welly has brought me some clarity by answering questions I’ve had for so long. Welly’s infectious and positive energy inspires me. She never stops smiling and my aim is to surround myself with people like that. She is thorough and has guided me towards making better health and wellness choices. I would Definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to balance their lifestyle.
I’m so happy I just decided to invest my money in myself like that. It was a mature step for me and I’m grateful for everything Welly has put into it our sessions.”

Bella Hunter, Professional dancer

“It was fantastic getting a chance to speak to someone and not feel judged. Instead you encouraged me to better my eating habits using simple and achievable techniques, so refreshing! I’ve still got a long way to go but have been really focusing on meal prep and feel like the advice you gave me has really changed my attitude to feeling good and eating well.
You gave me the confidence to take back control of what I’m eating and not feel guilty about it but know that what I’m giving my body is good for it (and not too tricky to make!)
Thank you Welly, next stop, your retreats!”

Rowena Cox-Willmott