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Do you have constant back pain?

Tension in the neck and Shoulders…?

Overall Tightness in the body…?

What about the nagging injuries, you are struggling to keep away?

This program could just be what you need !!!

Relax, Stretch and Strengthen is a “8 weeks Exercise program” I created to help you RELAX, while stretching your muscles and gaining some physical strength .

“Relax, Stretch and Strengthen” mixes effective stretch exercises, gentle Pilates and postural exercises that work in synergy to bring your body back to a stress and pain free state

All sessions happen in the comfort of your own home, at your chosen time and last 1 hour each.

During the hour, I will gently guide you through exercises adapted to your needs taking into consideration your pain and injuries.

Each class is different and evolves with YOU.

The classes are stretch based, so all movements are created to really support your body as opposed to pushing it into further injury.

Another main focus of this programm will be your Postural Assessment.

During our first session, we will spend time assessing your postural imbalances and through the 8 weeks we will work on improving them in your day to day life.

I first found Isa’s contact details in a Muswell Hill mums newsletter. I was looking for a Pilates teacher as my husband was suffering from severe lower back pain and his osteopath had recommended he try Pilates. Having never gone to a Pilates class before he was a bit reticent and so I thought a few introductory sessions at home would be ideal.
Isa agreed to do a trial session for both of us at home. We both really enjoyed the session and have been having weekly sessions for several months now. Isa has been brilliant about designing the sessions to accommodate our differing needs (mine general fitness and toning, my husband lower back pain). My husband has noticed a big improvement and I have also noticed an improvement in my general strength and flexibility.
Deborah Y. (Muswell Hill Mum)

In order for this program to be effective, classes MUST happen regularly and consistently to keep the momentum going, and get you stretched and pain free sooner than later.

All 10 sessions must happen within 8 weeks. Length can be shorter, but no more than 3 classes a week. We also need to allow your muscles to recover

Through the programme you will gain access to  stretch videos you can do on the days, we don’t practice together.

The videos are usually 5 to 10min and are a great addition to your morning or evening routine.

This program is 1-2-1 basis as it really focuses on your individual imbalances… but is open to couples or very small groups with similar issues.

As an ex professional dancer, and certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, I’ve been dealing with my fair share of injuries for YEARS! And so have most of my clients. The main reason they and I have managed to stay pain free is thanks to a mix of exercises and self care.

I believe in this program and know that it will transform your body.

Your body WILL feel different and for the best.

The Program costs 720£

The trial class is 85£.

Once and if you sign for the 8weeks program, the (85£)amount will be deducted from the total price (720£)

If you have any questions at all, email me and I will be glad to chat all things, back pain, tight hips, and stretch with you!

If you have no questions and are ready to go You can book your TRIAL CLASS here today and I look forward to meeting and helping you get your body back feeling energised and pain free!

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