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Wellness Day with Pilates and Nutritional Coach Isa-Welly

April 6th  9.30am- 5.30pm in Bedford

Relax and Disconnect….

April is always full of promises, the weather gets warmer, the days longer and our mood are getting higher. But Winter has been tough, and today is about relaxing, recharging and stepping into spring full of energy.

We will talk about the real meaning of self- care, eat delicious food in season, do some pilates and finish the day with a gentle, restorative class.

While previous retreats have been a little more intense, this one will be lighter, we will get crafty “hello homemade beauty products”, linger around the lunch table and if the weather allows us sit out to soak in the tranquillity of our beautiful surroundings

I’m Isa-Welly a Pilates and Wellness Coach. In my previous career as a professional dancer I had the opportunity to work with some incredible artists including Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Take That, Robbie Williams, Chaka Khan and many more. Sadly during my career my wellbeing was the last of my worry, and towards the end of it I suffered from a severe burnout which brought a lot of health issues. It was a big wake up call, I didn’t realise how much I neglected my body.

Through nutrition I managed to steer the wheel in the right direction and was amazed by how food improved my heath. I decided right there and then to study it. While fitness, wellness and nutrition studies have given me incredible knowledge, going through my own health issues have given me a deeper understanding of the body as a whole.

During this workshop, I want to share with you tools I have learnt along the way, so you can use them to improve your health and wellness.

What’s on the program?


  • Dynamic Pilates Class: Whooooop we are starting with the banger of the day. Yes this ones does burn a little bit but trust me you will feel light on your feet, high in the mood. My Pilates method is dynamic, challenging and body transformative
  • What is the true meaning of Self-Care ?: Is Self Care, only bath, bubbles and meditation? I believe Self care goes way beyond what our instagram feeds show us. Self Care is knowing when to switch off when necessary. Self Care is getting your finances on track so you let go of that anxiety. Self Care is looking at yourself in the mirror and saying i know, not everything is perfect but I love you.  We will dive deep into this subject and workshop around what part of our self care we perhaps neglect and can improve


A 3 course spring lunch of freshly produced foods, cooked by experienced natural chefs. Vegan options will be available.


  • Beauty and Lifestyle Workshop: We will get crafty and make some gorgeous beauty products, that you will be able to take home and use that same evening. All products will be natural and free of additives.
  • Gentle Movement : We finish the day with a restorative session of movement and meditation

This is what you’ll receive in this powerful experience:

Experience The IsaWelly Pilates Method

Pimp up your self-care routine by getting a little deeper

Breathe in the countryside air and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of London city

Feel relaxed, restored and energised

Learn to make some beautiful and clean beauty products

A warm, nourishing and cleansing lunch of fresh, organic food

What past attendees have said….

“This has been one of the best investments for myself. I’m a dancer so I’m obviously health and well-being is something that goes greatly with it. Literally just learning all different aspects of it; the spiritual ways, the health, exercising, and stretching and learning about morning routines. I have so much inspiration to go home and fall in love with my career in an amazing way with the help of Welly!” Bella H

“Honestly the best day of my life of my day of my life, apart from my wedding, obviously. It was amazing and inspirational. I got alot of tips out of Isa and the exercises are easy to do. Honestly, I’m not a sports person. I’ve never done yoga or Pilates in my life. It was very easy for me to do it. I had recipes, met amazing girls and it’s been the best investment. Honestly the best.” Rachida

“So today was a great day for me because I needed some space to be away from the hecticness. It was good to have a mix of some yoga, pilates and dance movements. Learned about building a routine which is something I never thought of before. I feel less stressed and hope to keep this longterm!” Celia

“I felt great. I hadn’t really thought about what this would be like but as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to do it and it definitely met my expectation. Even the crystal part, I wasn’t so sure about the healing thing, I actually found myself crying. Afterwards, I felt so energized and feel like I can take on the whole world now.” Eleanor.F

 Price is 129 £

Early Bird (Bookings made on or before March 25th)- 119£

Bookings made after March 25th- 129£

Please note that price is inclusive of all meals and drinks on site. As well as calls and emails follow up on the 14days program.


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Refunds Policy

Tickets are refundable up to 15 days before the event.

50% will be charged for any cancellations made after March 22nd.

Any cancellation made on or after March 30th will not be reimbursed.



Private Home 10 min drive from Bedford Station

Trains from Kings cross take 37min to Bedford and return are 16£

Drive from Bedford to the site is around 7£in Cab