You haven’t been able to work out for a while…. BUT

You HAVE FINALLY found the time to get back to exercising…. HURRAAYYYY

But things aren’t as easy as you wish they were…

You’ve lost confidence and not sure how to get back to feeling LIKE YOURSELF again.

You’re frustrated, as group classes are too busy, and you don’t get the attention your body deserves

You’ve tried dvds at home, different classes, but don’t feel like ANYTHING is changing

Wondering if you actually still have core muscles or if it is a thing from the past?

“Regain your core” is a straight to the point 6 weeks pilates and Fitness programm designed to build your body and core strength

How does it work?

Step 1
Face to face Consultation and Postural Assessment

Step 1- Face to face Consultation and Postural Assessment

This will happen at your house and will last 30min to an hour. Depending how chatty we get and how good your coffee is!

I will assess your posture and together we’ll discuss your goals and our focus for the next 6 weeks.

Step 2
10 Pilates sessions of 1 hour each

Step 2- 10 Pilates sessions of 1 h each

Following the consultation,I design 10 classes specifically for you.

The classes are Pilates based but will also blend some traditional Fitness and Barre exercises

During the 10 classes YOU WILL Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Feel, realign and strengthen your core | Reduce your Back PainWork on YOUR body imbalances | Correct YOUR postureBuild Overall Body strength

(The classes happen at your home at a time of your choice.)

Step 3
Sheet Exercises

Step 3- Sheet Exercises

At the end of your 10 classes, we will go through a series of exercises you can keep doing regularly to maintain your progress.

As a bonus you get all your exercises filmed and explained by me. This will allow you to continue your training once the program is over.

This isn’t just any Pilates class for a quick workout or a postural fix.

  • It’s a commitment to wanting to feel stronger from inside out. 

  • A commitment to taking back control of your body.

Aicha McKenzieCEO Amck ,

My secret weapon for getting back into shape after baby number 2! I’ve known Welly for a while, before using her services as a post-natal Pilates teacher. And I’m so glad I did! Your body changes so much after having kids and it can be very challenging mentally to get back into shape. Having Welly regulary at my home, has made a huge difference. She motivates you, always has words of encouragements and allow you to work at your own pace. Not only my post natal body is stronger and healthier, I feel empowered and have exceeded my own expectations.

If you’re looking into losing post natal weight, and following a strict exercise and diet plan:


REGAIN YOUR CORE does NOT focus on your appearance or body weight.

Because TAILORED 1-2-1 classes aren’t anything like group classes,


You will get my full attention during the sessions

You will get stronger and feel more aligned

You will glow inside out and feel more confident

This Program is worth over 1000£

10 private classes – 850£ (my regular rate)

Postural assessment is 65£

Bonuses – Videos -Worth 100£ 


Pilates Classes guarantee you less visits to the ostheopath and will improve your posture for good. The Worth: PRICELESS

The  whole Programm is 649£

Read our FAQ’s page here, if you have any more questions