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Pilates is a system of low impact exercises developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates. Pilates aim to help you develop physical strength, flexibility, body awareness as well as mental wellness.

Areas of Expertise

Lower Back Pain. With a mix of Core Pilates and Deep Stretching I help you rebuild Core and Back strength to prevent injuries and to get rid of old ones. This is a great Class for you if you suffer from Lower Back Pain, Tight hip flexors, Slipped discs or have an Excessive lower back curve.

Tone and Define. I use a mix Dynamic Pilates, Barre and Functionnal Trainning to help you sculpt your body, define your waist, lift your bum and feel very strong. Your muscles will be lengthenned, lean and beautiful.

. Pilates Basics for Absolute BeginnersLearn Pilates Basics and breathing technique. This is a 6 classes minimum course, designed for YOU to build confidence and technique before joining a group class safely. (4 weeks Package)


“I first found Isa’s contact details in  Muswell Hill mums newsletter. I was looking for a Pilates teacher as my husband was suffering from severe lower back pain and his osteopath had recommended Pilates. Having never gone to a Pilates class before he was a bit reticent and so I thought a few introductory sessions at home would be ideal.
Isa agreed to do a trial session for both of us at home. We both really enjoyed the session and have been having weekly sessions for several months now. Isa has been brilliant about designing the sessions to accommodate our differing needs (mine general fitness and toning, my husband lower back pain). My husband has noticed a big improvement and I have also noticed an improvement in my general strength and flexibility.”

Deborah and Russel Yav , Surveyors/ Muswell Hill, North London

My secret weapon for getting back into shape after baby number 2! I have known Welly for a while, before using her services as a post-natal Pilates teacher. And I am so glad I did! Your body changes so much after having kids and it can be very challenging mentally to get back into shape. Having Welly regulary at my home, has made a huge difference. She motivates you, always has words of encouragements and allow you to work atyour own pace. Not only my post natal body is stronger and healthier, I feel empowered and have exceeded my own expectations.

Aicha McKenzieCEO Amck , www.amck.tv

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