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Pilates and Brunch – Benk and Bo

This is not your usual spiritual Yoga brunch morning but rather an energising and loud one! I like to call it Active meditation;-)

Intense and Dynamic IsaWelly Method Class on some hot Hip hop Beats and Afro Brazilian tunes!

1h15 of Teasers, Rollovers and all sorts of juiciness for your core and legs…

The 1h15 Workout will be Pilates based but quite different to a classical Pilates class. My method  blends  some strength training, core stabilisation and flexibility.

If you’ve been to any of my classes before, you know I love all these elements, but this time we’ll take it a little further!

You might break a cheeky little sweat 😉 but you will feel PUMPED and ready for the weekend!

Set Brunch Menu

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl with Fruits, Chia and Coconut

Eggs (any style)and Avocado on Sourdough


Pea and Broadbean Smashed with Vegan Cheese on Sourdough 


If you have any allergies or concerns please let me know and I will check if the kitchen can accommodate you.

This class is for anyone who, loves a physical challenge, loves pilates and movement, has experience in mat work and love hip hop and trap music!

If you are an absolute beginner in Pilates, Yoga/ any matwork, I suggest you do a few classes before attending the event as it will be fairly challenging and fast paced.

If you have any injuries, please drop me an email (to check if this is safe for you) before booking your spot.

Location: Benk and Bo, 4-6 Gravel Lane, E1 7AW

Cancellation Policy: Tickets are reimbursable up to a week before Friday July 7th.

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