I am back plus 6 reasons why Malta is a MUST


WOOWW  it’s been a while! And I am so sorry I was gone for this long. I’m sure you missed “seeing” me pop in your inbox every now and then!hahah

I really needed to take time off, to readjust things in both my work and personal life, but also think of a clear direction to give to this blog.

Now let’s be honest, I still don’t have a clear direction (Im an artist and a Libra!!! so decision making and sticking to one thing is a constant battle…) but I have new ideas and I am clearer on who I want to serve and how. That’s a start right?

I was catching up with one my best friends a couple days ago and he said to me ” Can you imagine if we knew exactly where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do, all the time? How boring and expected that would be?” That had me thinking a little…..

Then I remember what One of my favourite people (Queen Marie Forleo) said  “Clarity comes from Action” So HERE I AM! Back to serve YOU!

I hope you will stay for th new content coming your way!

First we start with my trip to Malta and all the great things you and Your family could do there…..

ps: I’m very excited to be back in your inbox


Last year,  I was lucky enough to be invited by The Malta Tourist Office for a restful but fun weekend in Malta

I’ve travelled the world dancing and touring with artists for 8 years but never had the opportunity to go to Malta! So when they invited me on a press trip I was ecstatic!! Whoooooohoooo

Though it was October, the weather was very warm and sunny.

As you might imagine, I enjoy going to places where I can experience the local lifestyle without compromising to much on mine. I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly wasn’t disappointed!!

Maltese are lovely people and we had a trip full of adventures but also calm and beautiful moments. The flight was only 3 hours from London which is always a plus when looking for a short break.

1-Ride a Segway in Gozo

I start with Gozo because it was my  absolute favourite!  Not just because the guide we had taking us around was pretty cute, (sorry boyfriend) but because we did it riding  Segways! Ermmmmm Hello Adventurous Girl!….

Gozo is such a charming little island, and you MUST visit it cycling (or segway’ing) to really take it all in. The scenery is gorgeous and the weather perfect for it!

Please be very safe and make sure you hire a guide who knows the island inside out and teach you how to ride a Segway if you’ve never!

I had ridden one, years ago when I was dancing on X Factor in Lebanon so I wasn’t too much of a newbie….but I still managed to fell flat on my face twice!

2- Hotel thirty seven in Gozo

Thirty Seven Gozo is a must! Though hidden in a quiet area of Gozo, Thirty Seven has everything to woo you and to make you wanna stay forever!

Calm and luxury is their mantra so be prepared to be stunned by a simple yet chic and beautiful design.  Each suite is unique and the top floor pool has enough space for you to do your morning stretches and meditation . Well, I'm assuming that's what you do on holidays right?

The place is owned by a couple of Italians who use to work in Milan in the fashion industry. They have put such effort and love into the place that you will instantly feel at home!

The other mega plus is The food! Fresh and freaking organic! A winner all the way!

If you stay in Gozo for a night or more, I definitely suggest to stay here. It's a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of the city.



3-  Get lost in The pretty streets of Mdina

Mdina or La Citta Vecchia (old city literally) is the oldest city of Malta.

Mdina is a fortified city  that truly has the soul of an old city ... A city that has seen many generations and has a lot to say....

It's beautiful, romantic but peaceful at the same time .Go early to avoid the crowd and get lost in the little streets

After your stroll, head to the main square for a cheeky ice cream and people watch;-)

I was raised in Paris so you know, I love a terrace and people watch hahaha

4- St John's Co-cathedral

Though I am not religious at all, I love visiting cathedrals and churches.

I'm always amazed by their flamboyance and artistry.  And St Johns Cathedral was no exception!

The beauty, the details, the art.... Incredible.

Absolutely worth a visit!

5-Bahia in Lija

I went to many restaurants in Malta but I had a little "coup de coeur" for Bahia in Lija.

It's a pretty small restaurant, with a beautiful design, very welcoming staff and excellent wine! ahaha!

The food is delicious and they are very accommodating if you have specific diet requirements. A must try!

Check out my video a few lines up for the beauty of the dishes!

6-The view at the Hilton Hotel

If you stay in town, I would definitely suggest the Hilton in St Julian's.

Request a room looking over the sea! The view is perfection for morning stretch and meditation.

I had a massage at the Spa downstairs and it was so relaxing! It was the best way to end my trip...

My other OMG moment was the dessert at the Tai restaurant in the HILTON.... ahahah! Totally worth it!

Remember it's all about balance! While on holidays do treat yourself a little!

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