Post Natal.

I don’t have enough space at my home can I still do the course?

Yes I have access to many studios in London and will make sure to find a local studio for your classes. Studio rental will be at your charge. Usually about 15£/h

I ‘ve had my children over 2 years ago, Can I still do this program?

Yes, absolutely this program is for you if you are looking to build core strength. I design each class for you.

I don’t have the most reliable nanny and always have last minute hick up with the kids

The post natal programm comes with a special cancellation policy. You can reschedule your class on the day without charge. 4hours notice is required

I have never done any of your class, and not sure your teaching style will suit me

This is a risk free investment. After the 1st class, you can get your money back if you decide to stop then and there. You will be charged 100£ for the first 2 sessions including the consultation, postural assessment and the hour class. So you would get 529£ back.

Can I stop halfway through the program?

This 6 weeks program is a commitment. Once started you are allowed to backtrack after the first class. Past the first class, cancellation will only be auhorised for emergency and health reasons. A doctor’s note will be requested.

I have had C section- is this course appropriate for me?

Yes it is. I have worked with many clients with C section. Remember each class is specifically designed for YOU . So you’ll only be doing things your body allows you to do.

Is there a payment Plan?

You can pay in two instalments. 329£ before the start of the program and 300£ on Week 3.

If you have anymore questions, email us info@isawelly.com.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Program must be taken within 6 weeks of  the starting date. Consultation Date is our starting point.
  2. If need be Class must be cancelled 4 hours before the hour. Prior to do so will result on a 40£ charge.
  3. You can choose to stop the Program after the 1st class. 100£ will be charged for Consultation, Postural assessment and 1st class
  4. The program cannot be stopped after the 2nd class, unless a doctor’s note urgently expresses the client to stop any physical activity.In this case the rest of the fee will be reimbursed.
  5. You have the responsibility of letting the instructor know of any medical or health issue or change.