Past Event: A Day Retreat- Heal and Nourish 2018-12-01T19:00:44+00:00

Wellness Day with Pilates and Nutritional Coach Isa-Welly

November 3rd- 9.30- 5pm in Bedford

Heal and Nourish your Body

As we welcome Fall, our beings start transitioning into a different space. One that’s a bit deeper and quieter than the hot sizzling carefree summer. You might already be reaching out of comfy, warmer alternatives in your wardrobe and pantry. Your body and soul might be asking you for something more warming, hearty and nourishing. Do you feel it too?

But where to start? and What to eat?

Well I’m so glad you asked! I designed a beautiful nourishing day to support you have a gentle transition into the colder days. It will give you everything you need to know and do to feel better than ever.

You will learn:

  • the nourishing food and ingredients you want to be using this time of year

  • an easy mindfulness routine to relax your body and mind

  • the importance of sleep and rest, and how to incorporate it to your daily life

What’s on the program?


  • Deep healing body stretch: a soothing mix of pilates and yoga flow movements to unwind the body and allow it to release any stress or blockages
  • Crystal meditation: experience the powerful healing energy of crystals
  • Essential oils & crystal masterclass: learn how to use oil and crystals to support your health in your daily life
  • Nourishing rituals workshop: Learn to create a nourishing morning routine that will set you up for the day


Wild Cafe chefs and nutritionists Lydia Falgate and Toma Ziukate will prepare a delicious, healthy and deeply nourishing 3 course meal with warm and comforting fall dishes that will make your tastebuds happy and body satisfied. Vegan options will be available.


  • Group Coaching Session: After Lunch we’ll have a group coaching session, where we’ll discuss all about diet, lifestyle tips, health hacks and more. You’ll also be able to ask me any questions you might have such as: What to eat when days are getting colder? Comforting foods without the bloat and the sluggish feeling
  • Powerful Pilates Class: this class will give you the opportunity to connect with your body, go deeper and truly embody everything you’ve learnt through the day
  • Integration time: tea, cake and goodbyes

What did people say?

“This has been one of the best investments for myself. I’m a dancer so I’m obviously health and well-being is something that goes greatly with it. Literally just learning all different aspects of it; the spiritual ways, the health, exercising, and stretching and learning about morning routines. I have so much inspiration to go home and fall in love with my career in an amazing way with the help of Welly!”

“Honestly the best day of my life of my day of my life, apart from my wedding, obviously. It was amazing and inspirational. I got alot of tips out of Isa and the exercises are easy to do. Honestly, I’m not a sports person. I’ve never done yoga or Pilates in my life. It was very easy for me to do it. I had recipes, met amazing girls and it’s been the best investment. Honestly the best.”

“So today was a great day for me because I needed some space to be away from the hecticness. It was good to have a mix of some yoga, pilates and dance movements. Learned about building a routine which is something I never thought of before. I feel less stressed and hope to keep this longterm!”

“I felt great. I hadn’t really thought about what this would be like but as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to do it and it definitely met my expectation. Even the crystal part, I wasn’t so sure about the healing thing, I actually found myself crying. Afterwards, I felt so energized and feel like I can take on the whole world now.”