Here is how to build a Strong Core and Get sexy ABS!

By | 2017-01-11T15:08:13+00:00 October 3rd, 2016|Pilates and Fitness|

CORE BLAST Build a strong core and get your 6 packs! This week Pilates workout is focusing on building you a strong core. It’s intense, it’s fast (for a pilates workout) and it will challenge both your stamina and your deep abs! I guarantee, if you do this often you will see the change [...]

An Easy and Fast 5min Morning Stretch Routine

By | 2017-02-06T15:05:44+00:00 September 1st, 2016|Lifestyle, Pilates and Fitness|

Morning Ritual 1 : STRETCH Stretching is one of my non negotiable morning rituals! I need to stretch as soon as I roll out of bed or my body feels stiff all day. Saying that, like everyone else I have moments where I slip out of my routine for a little while. So please don't put [...]

Welcome my friend!

By | 2016-09-05T09:59:55+00:00 August 22nd, 2016|Dance, Lifestyle, Pilates and Fitness|

Hello my beautiful friend Nothing like a fresh start at the beginning of the season! Can you believe we are a week away from September?.... The summer is almost gone!! First  of all, thank you so much for reading me ! This blog will essentially bring you Workouts Videos including Pilates, Dance and Stretch that [...]

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