These 5 exercises will give you a strong core

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  ...well unless you're a heavy consumer of sugar, processed food and greasy take away... Don't forget that what you eat counts for more than how many abs you do. Eat REAL FOOD. Food that will nourish your body and leave you energised. These 5 pilates exercises will help build a strong core and [...]

Evening Stretch to improve the Quality of your Sleep

By | 2017-01-11T15:25:54+00:00 November 12th, 2016|Fitness, Lifestyle, Pilates|

Improve the quality of your Sleep "Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates How many of us have at some point in our lives struggled with sleep? And this could be for various reasons, including back pain,joint pain, anxiety, stress and many other factors. Last year, I struggled with anxiety for many [...]

Pilates Obliques Workout for a beautiful Waist

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Pilates for the waist 10minutes Obliques Workout Level 1 The great thing with Pilates is that, it allows you to work on some muscles you didn't even know existed until the pain kicks in the next day!  This week we are focusing on the ones around our waist! Of course we all know about [...]

A 10min Full Body Workout with the Foam Roller

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Foam Roller Workout Your way to a strong and flexible body Ah The Foam Roller! Don't we love to hate the roller...still knowing that it is so so good for us? My sunday classes always complain about it but yet, still ask for it when I dare to forget! Whether you practice Pilates or [...]

Here is how to build a Strong Core and Get sexy ABS!

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CORE BLAST Build a strong core and get your 6 packs! This week Pilates workout is focusing on building you a strong core. It’s intense, it’s fast (for a pilates workout) and it will challenge both your stamina and your deep abs! I guarantee, if you do this often you will see the change [...]

An Easy and Fast 5min Morning Stretch Routine

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Morning Ritual 1 : STRETCH Stretching is one of my non negotiable morning rituals! I need to stretch as soon as I roll out of bed or my body feels stiff all day. Saying that, like everyone else I have moments where I slip out of my routine for a little while. So please don't put [...]

Welcome my friend!

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Hello my beautiful friend Nothing like a fresh start at the beginning of the season! Can you believe we are a week away from September?.... The summer is almost gone!! First  of all, thank you so much for reading me ! This blog will essentially bring you Workouts Videos including Pilates, Dance and Stretch that [...]

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