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My events are designed with YOU in mind.

I want to create a beautiful space for you to unplug, recharge, reset and just breeeeeathe.

There’s something for you, no matter what you’re craving:

Get high-vibe energy in my power breakfasts, deep nourishment at my evening dinners or a well-deserved healing experience at my retreats in the countryside.

You will walk away feeling restored, inspired and loved up.

I know the importance of taking time to look after our body, mind and soul. No matter if that’s a quick break or a whole day getaway.

We need to learn to put our self care at the top of the list. Yes we’re ambitious, we want to achieve lots, we want to prove the world that we’re capable and worthy… but thriving and being the best we can be can come at costs if we don’t learn to balance it out with moments of pause.

My mission is to create a community of empowered like-minded women that are passionate about health and are committed to be the best, most vibrant versions on themselves.

I believe in the life-changing power of supporting each other to rise and fucking fly. It’s our time to come together, raise each other and build the most authentic and empowered community out there.

I know that if we unite, there’s no stopping us. We can do anything.

So let’s come together and make this world a better place.

Upcoming Events

The end of year ritual party

An evening of celebration, nourishment & gratitude to send 2019 off

Friday, December 13th 6.30pm

Why This Evening???

Are You Exhausted, Stressed Or Burnt Out & Not Quite Ready To Embrace Another New Year?

Looking back on 2019: 

  • Do you tend to focus on everything that hasn’t happened, rather than the magic YOU DID make happen?
  • Do you want to know the amazing foods you have at hand that will help you fly through the winter with tons of energy and zero flu or cold?
  • Do you sometimes crave meaningful conversations but have no clue where to find deep-connections or new friends?  


If you whispered a secret little “yes” to yourself, keep reading girlfriend

This 3-hour evening in London is your ticket to a night of deep reflection, self-love, laughter and new friends as we celebrate the beauty that was 2019 and create space for the year to come.  


  • Tips & tools to shake off any anxiety of the New Year 
  • Learn the best immune boosting foods and tips for a healthy and vibrant winter
  • Leave feeling grateful, alive and ready 2020
  • Copious amounts of heartfelt bearhugs with new, kindred spirits
  • A tasty and nourishing 3 course vegetarian meal 
  • BONUS goodies to keep you on your high-vibe, wellness journey
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Past Events

Relax and Recharge

1 day retreat with Isa-Welly

Summer Summer, we love you and want to enjoy you to the max….

Today is about relaxing, taking time off the hustle and bustle and being in the moment.

The day will start with a dynamic Pilates class to get us high but simultaneously light.We will talk Self care in depth, what really is self care? beyond the bubbles, the crystals and the organic food….how can we really care for our physical and mental health?

Come rejuvenate yourself and spend some time in a beautiful countryside setting….

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1 day retreat with Isa-Welly

2019 is almost here… how do you feel!?

Stressed? Anxious? Perhaps worried about what the year ahead holds? Overwhelmed with all the goals you want to achieve (which may or not be recycled from previous years)?

I feel you.  I’ve planned the perfect day to set you up to have your BEST year yet.

Take a break from your busy life, step into a nourishing space and gain all the motivation, how-to and knowledge you need to have an incredible 2019.

This carefully-curated full-day retreat will focus on cleansing and detoxifying our minds & bodies.

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1 day retreat with Isa-Welly

As we welcome Fall, our beings start transitioning into a different space. One that’s a bit deeper and quieter than the hot sizzling carefree summer. You might already be reaching out of comfy, warmer alternatives in your wardrobe and pantry. Your body and soul might be asking you for something more warming, hearty and nourishing. 

I designed a beautiful nourishing day to support you have a gentle transition into the colder days. It will give you everything you need to know and do to feel better than ever.

Read more….

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On the program, how to boost your productivity, stabilise your energy levels and get your form back!

The day will start with a Relaxing Stretch session followed by refreshments, then our Nutritional Talk. Welly will share with you the secrets on staying focused and productive at work. What to eat, and what to stay away from.

We will finish the day with IsaWelly method, signature class! Strength training, core work, flexibility and some groovy tunes!

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IsaWelly Signature Pilates class is a mixed of Strength training, core work, stretching and unusual movements that will challenge your whole body.
The morning will start with 1h15 class followed by a delicious brunch by the chefs at Benk and Bo….

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