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IsaWelly Fall Retreat- “Nourish and Heal”

Saturday November 3rd – Bedford

As we welcome Fall, our beings start transitioning into a different space. One that’s a bit deeper and quieter than the hot sizzling carefree summer. You might already be reaching out of comfy, warmer alternatives in your wardrobe and pantry. Your body and soul might be asking you for something more warming, hearty and nourishing. Do you feel it too?

But where to start? And What to eat?

I designed a beautiful nourishing day to support you have a gentle transition into the colder days. It will give you everything you need to know and do to feel better than ever.

You will learn:

  • the nourishing food and ingredients you want to be using this time of year

  • an easy mindfulness routine to relax your body and mind

  • the importance of sleep and rest, and how to incorporate it to your daily life

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Past Events


On the program, how to boost your productivity, stabilise your energy levels and get your form back!

The day will start with a Relaxing Stretch session followed by refreshments, then our Nutritional Talk. Welly will share with you the secrets on staying focused and productive at work. What to eat, and what to stay away from.

We will finish the day with IsaWelly method, signature class! Strength training, core work, flexibility and some groovy tunes!

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IsaWelly Signature Pilates class is a mixed of Strength training, core work, stretching and unusual movements that will challenge your whole body.
The morning will start with 1h15 class followed by a delicious brunch by the chefs at Benk and Bo….

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