Hey, I’m Welly a Wellness and Fitness coach

I teach health conscious women like YOU how to become healthier,stronger and more aligned with themselves.

 Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live on  a high?

  • Wake up in the morning physically pain free…( EXIT BACK PAIN, STIFFNESS IN LEGS, TIGHT NECKS)
  • Have SUSTAINABLE AND STABLE ENERGY througout the day…
  • Know and Eat what’s right for you and when it is right….
  • Have a REALISTIC exercise regime right for your body type
  • Lower your stress and anxiety
  • Make the right lifestyle choices

That’s what I do. I help you with Your posture, Your diet, Your exercise regime and  Your mental wellness

And I get hands on.

  • I help you declutter your pantry of nastiness (yes I come to your home if you let me!),
  • I teach you the right Workout for your body type and goals!( Fitness, Dance, Pilates! you name it!)
  • I help you design your everyday food menu based on what you like eating
  • We chat ( a lot!!!) about what bugs you and how we can make it better

Why do I do this??

Because I believe with my body and soul that to make this world a better place, we have to start with ourselves as individuals!

We often blame our environment and external factors for the state of the current world but truly, every single one of us play a part in it.

You’ve got to Build yourself the way you want to see this world.

Women, yesterday, today and tomorrow (regardless of being feminists or not) will always play a crucial role in the world. Many choose to raise future generations to come, some to educate them. And Because of that I really think that  it’s our responsibility to put ourselves FIRST .

Not in a careless way, but because the stronger we are the better we can serve our loved ones and the rest of the world.

I have very rarely shared this part of my background because I have the utmost respect and love for my mother but I want to share this with YOU.

My mum has become heavily depressed the past 20 years and it has been the most painful experience of my life. Seeing your once joyful, lively, giving and beautiful mother give up on herself, and live in the past is heart wrenching and frustrating.

I’ve tried maybe too hard, to help her..maybe the wrong way….certainly for selfish reasons… but I’ve learnt one thing.

It’s only when SHE decides to move on and seek help that she will get better. All I can do is support her to the best of my abilities.

Lifestyle plays such an important role in depression, dementia and other mental issues. I’ve seen it. Not only in my own family but also with the women I’ve been working with the past few years.

We’ve got to understand the true meaning of loving ourselves and everything it encompasses.

Find time for yourself, Move your body, Express your feelings, Seek help when you need to, Build a strong emotional support around yourself.

And that’s what I want to do for you. I want to be part of your support system,I want to teach you how to lift yourself, I want to teach you how to empower yourself, how to live aligned with yourself.


My story….

I changed my lifestyle a few years back following my first MAJOR BURN OUT. I had the the most APPALLING lifestyle. OH MY GOD!

You would NOT recognised me if you saw me then.

I worked crazy hours, travelled constantly (7 years on the road!!), lived on Junk food and thought it was the norm to be constatantly bloated and tired.

I was absolutely MISERABLE.

Looking back, there were so many signs, but I had no idea what they meant and therefore ignored them until I was left with no other choice


Luckily I came across a Naturopath and things became clearer for me.

I started changing my eating habits, and step by step, my whole lifestyle followed including my job. It took me a few years to educate myself , train my mind to see things differently but even now sometimes I STRUGGLE…

Like EVERY human  I have moments where the chocolate croissant full of nasty sugar is waaaay more appealing than a healthy bar! And every now and then I have it. No one asked me to be perfect, just to do the best.

I don’t believe in clean eating and not even sure why nutrition has to be pushed to such extreme.

Unless I go live on Narnia, a utopic planet where anxiety, stress, pollution, GMO foods, bills, Aging parents, wars….. don’t exist, I will stick to my current diet .The one that FITS ME WELLY.

And quite frankly the thought of never eating a Margherita in my favourite city (Venice) makes me want to cry a little.

Living in frustration has never been my cup of tea. Life is too short for that.

I do the best I can with what I have.

I’ve spent the past few years working with women that want to make a difference in today’s world and there is one thing we all have in common and understand is this

 Having a strong and healthy body in a healthy mind is KEY to your success and self development but also for the one of your family.

YOUR body work as a whole. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Your mind and  your soul need as much attention as your body does.

When working together to improve your wellness, we look into all aspects of your life. Some will need less attention than others, but it’s a realistic balance of all those components that will make you BECOME YOUR VERY OWN BEST FRIEND

 Healthy is making conscious choices that honour your body and are aligned with the true essence of YOU.

That includes nutrition, personal development, work, intimacy, physical activity and  pretty much all areas of your life.

Whether we’re working on your wellness, whipping some fun and easy recipes, clearing your pantry or sweating over a dance or fitness  workout, all sessions happen at your home, unless you choose differently.

Though all my services are also available via Skype, I do believe in the power of human connection to make real and lasting change…

I’m so grateful for your visit and I do hope we stay connected

Warm and Loving hugs

Welly x

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