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Hi, I’m Welly

Nutritionist, Wellness and Pilates Coach

I help women build a balanced, healthy and authentic lifestyle full of abundance and joy

How can I support you


My signature workouts are a unique blend of cardio, pilates, strength and barre accompanied by a killer playlist that will get your blood pumpin’ and your brow dripping.

Wellness Coaching

It’s a crazy overwhelming world out there and I want to help you navigate through it with easy & practical steps that will make you feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever


Nutritional therapy will help you uncover the roots of your symptoms and help you work through them for better health 


Get high-vibe energy in my power breakfasts, deep nourishment at my evening dinners or a well-deserved healing experience at my retreats at the countryside


Does breakfast matter?

Does breakfast matter?

NutritionWelly I don’t like eating breakfasts. Can I just skip it?  What does sicence says? My clients ask me this...

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