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Hey, I’m Welly!

A pilates & wellness coach dedicated to empower you be the most vibrant, confident

and healthy version of YOU.

The end of year ritual party

An evening of celebration, nourishment, gratitude and fun

Are you ready for the party of the year?

December 13th, 6.45pm Leaf Wild

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Work with me


….. Unplug, recharge, reset and just BREAAAAATHE.

There’s something for you whether you’re craving high-vibe energy, deep nourishment or a well-deserved healing experience.

You’ll walk away feeling restored, inspired and loved up.

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Wellness Coaching

I’ll help you build down-to-earth habits & routines that work for YOU. It’s going to feel so damn good that you’ll actually wanna stick to them. Having a healthy but flexible routine can be easy, fun and life-changing… you just need the right support!

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Pilates and Fitness

My 1-2-1 sessions are a unique blend of cardio, pilates, strength and barre will get you the results you want. They are low impact (so safe for injuries), but don’t be deceived:You will feel that buuuuuuurn.

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