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I highly recommend Welly’s dance class. It helps you to let go, feel good and have a ton of fun. The music and the moves are great, allowing you to follow along with ease. I especially liked the way this class is structured, with the stretch, cardio and then choreo at the end. You can even put your own spin on the moves, which makes it extra invigorating! Looking forward to the next one already!

Leona Matuzsack, Visual Artist

My name is Aaron Sillis and I have been a professional dancer & choreographer for the last 10 years, working across fashion, television, theatre & music.

Welly has been giving me private one-on-one sessions, and the improvements I am making are invaluable! The way she explains how to isolate parts of the body during her Pilates class makes it so easy to understand and then execute.

Having suffered from disc erosion in my lower back, the importance of strengthening my core is paramount.  Welly has fully grasped my condition & is continuing to aid my recovery.

A fantastic teacher and a consummate professional, I have recommended her to friends and colleagues who are also experiencing noticeable results within their own back-related problems.

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