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I empower Women, help them feel Youthful and Energised through Wellness and Fitness

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Build a toned, lean and strong body …. Whether you want to get back in shape, improve your posture or gain some energy, my sought after Dynamic Pilates Method will get you there

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Lift your mood,  Lift in your energy and Burn some calories with my sassy, energetic and fun dance classes

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My secret weapon for getting back into shape after baby number 2! I have known Welly for a while, before using her services as a post-natal Pilates teacher. And I am so glad I did! Your body changes so much after having kids and it can be very challenging mentally to get back into shape. Having Welly regulary at my home, has made a huge difference. She motivates you, always has words of encouragements and allow you to work atyour own pace. Not only my post natal body is stronger and healthier, I feel empowered and have exceeded my own expectations.

Aicha McKenzie, CEO Amck

I’ve met Welly through mutual friends who recommended her when I was going through a tough time last year. Following a break up, things got a bit out of control and I needed help to get things together. I’ve always liked to exercise and have a regular movement in my body but haven’t quite managed to get into a routine and eating healthy was impossible. I needed a push! So I’decided to give coaching a go .The biggest change in this journey has been the food!! To eat right things and when to eat has been a big difference. It is rare I feel bloated or stomach pain (which use to happen often), I’ve saved money by organising my weekly food shop and prep everything has saved me a lot of time.Anyone that works full time in London  knows it’s hard to find time for yourself, whether it is cooking, exercising or just relaxing. I’ve realized I don’t have to spend 2 hours in the gym every day in order to get result, if you do it right you can smash out a good work out in 30 minutes! If I could, I would take Welly with me back to Sweden to all my friends to show them how to save time with food prep and improve their lifestyle!! Action, action action! She will always push you to action your thoughts and your dreams. You will not be dreaming anymore; she will give you her support to make those dreams come true. J

P.S My absolute new favorite is turmeric! Thanks to lovely Welly I use turmeric in all my cooking, I just LOVE IT! xxx

Rebecka Karlsson, Head Of Hotel Reception- Chiltern Firehouse

I highly recommend Welly’s dance class. It helps you to let go, feel good and have a ton of fun. The music and the moves are great, allowing you to follow along with ease. I especially liked the way this class is structured, with the stretch, cardio and then choreo at the end. You can even put your own spin on the moves, which makes it extra invigorating! Looking forward to the next one already!

Leona Matuzsack, Visual Artist

“I came accross, Welly’s profile on Instagram, and directly felt attracted to her spirit. She has been giving me 1-2-1 pilates and fitness classes for 3months and the change in my body strength has been amazing. What makes Welly so special is her beautiful soul, and her positive energy. I’m always looking forward to my mondays and wednesdays mornings with her! Every class is different and I get to choose what I want to work on and how! We even dance sometimes! She is the best! “

“Welly is a true inspiration with an aspirational body. I’ve felt my strength and stamina grow in such a short space of time. I love her style and energy . She is a true motivational force for good!”

Natalie Sharp, Make up Artist

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